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  • No 2019 "Making of" Films

    Apparently there will be no "Making of" films for the 2019 calendar. I am very disappointed. I have purchased all of them beginning with...

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    Started by Bill in Florida

  • What I want in a film

    I don't know if I want any of the films made so far. On the one hand, I don't want anything censored. If frontal shows let it show. On the other...

    6 1 340

    Started by bejjinks

  • 2019 Subscription

    Hi, I'm confused by the description on the 2019 subscription. Does it also include the videos that were offered in the 2018 subscription? If so, will...

    18 0 200

    Started by gcas

  • Film subscriptions

    I am confused, is the film subscription each month the same as the directors cut this year? Also will downloads work on an iPad?

    16 1 567

    Started by Ricky

  • Films 2019

    When are the films 2019 available for download?

    2 0 224

    Started by christian_austria

  • Evolution of the Film Nudity

    Would like to know more about how the nudity has evolved over the years. I have every film since 2012 with genitals blurred out, to 2018 with the...

    27 4 1,134

    Started by fqoabny

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