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  • Oars and Eights

    Love seeing you in your natural states!! AND missing the oars and eights! (I don't look ahead, so maybe for December 2018?) Love you guys. –A...

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    Started by PlayfulGeek

  • Nudity

    hi do you see full frontal nudity on the calendars?

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    Started by Mumby

  • Bravo !

    You are a famous band of young boys ! I find that you are very beautiful !

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    Started by Ursule

  • Can we see more smiles on those nice faces

    To the Art Director As the forum is also intended for comments and feedback on the WR products, I have a few thoughts I would like to share with...

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    Started by Johannes Swagers

  • Reunion calendar, book and film

    Have you considered a 10th year special calendar, book and/or video with rowers from past years all back together? Maybe some of the 2012 rowers...

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    Started by NudeBCN

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