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  • Piracy and Illegal Sharing of Content

    Hello Everyone, I am Amir, one of the Warwick Rowers, and I am seeking your help! As well as participating in the calendar, one of my roles is to...

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    Started by Amir

  • italian rowers

    hi is a funny all free strip game with question if are ok the model stripping http://www.artclubdisco.com/web/strip6.php

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    Started by Pammy

  • Circumcision

    I want to set the tone for this discussion. I do not want a political debate. Speak in first person, that is only say what it means to you...

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    Started by bejjinks

  • More men of colour (Asian, Indian, Arabian, African ...) More diversity in Warwick Rower Calendar ...

    Hello everybody. Just my oppinion. I think there should be more men of colour in the calendars of Warwick Rowers. I am Asian men, so I'm very happy...

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    Started by wallacehn

  • Project for 2020

    Hi you have some project for the 2020 calendar? Location, films, digital subscrission? Now is the new year is time to project it. bye bye

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    Started by Pammy

  • Art vs. Porn

    this one is for Angus and the rowers, but all can comment. Have been a huge fan of the Warwick Rower project since its inception. I have seen the...

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    Started by jbrokarlo

  • Equality

    Hi, I think I would appreciate it if you could involve some natural girls in the next calendar project. I mean, equality is equality, and vice versa....

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    Started by chagall

  • WR Magazine issues

    I read a while back on the Forum that we were all getting access to a new WR magazine, starting in February. I never received a download of it and I...

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    Started by Keen Follower

  • What happened to rowing?

    For me, the original appeal of these calendars and accompanying images and films, was seeing fit rowers naked. The shoots now are so detached from...

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    Started by Wally

  • being naked in other venues

    This question is for the "boys" only. I hope they read this forum, and see this. I'm not writing this for opinions of the customers though...

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    Started by PVogt

  • Reward Points

    Reward Points are listed but not explained on My Account. A search finds nothing and searching the topic on the Forum brings up nothing. What are...

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    Started by PWCMD

  • Illegal Downloading & File Sharing

    Warwick Rowers, you should take action about this

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    Started by will

  • Feedback on feedback from forum users

    Hi everyone, It’s a pleasure to see that some of you feel able to give us feedback on what we do and communicate amongst each other on the...

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    Started by Lucas

  • Downloads Page

    Hi. First off I like to say thank you for the amazing work you are doing with Sport Allies. As far as the main reason for this post, if possible, it...

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    Started by bonewiler

  • Feedback on the WR 19 film preview

    I know you can't please everyone, but while I appreciate the extra film footage and locations, I feel the project has moved too far way from actual...

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    Started by benjie74

  • Happy new year 2019

    Happy new year 2019 at all the WARWICK ROWERS, producers of it and their fans all around the Word, the Warwick's people sure dont can change the Word...

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    Started by Pammy

  • WR18 Bonus Image Subscription

    Dear warwickrowers, you must be very busy, but I would like to remind you of the December update of the WR18 Bonus Image Subscription. wr19 has...

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    Started by emerson


    Hi, I forgot my password on my Warwick account. I have sent a password reset on my mailbox several times, but unfortunately I do not receive this...

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    Started by RVM85

  • Discussion on the forum itself

    Having supported the Warwick rowers for the last five years (either through calendar or film purchases), I joined this forum because I thought it...

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    Started by Ksullim7

  • Merry Christmas!

    Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the Warwick Rowers and Angus!

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    Started by RJohns81

  • Film in 12 parts

    I guess 12 parts of 20 will give us 240 minuts, better than 2 moivies de 50 minuts, but wait a year to see the whole thing don't please anxious...

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    Started by emerson

  • Background Music For WR2019 Calendar Video

    Anyone can tell me where can I find the background music for this video please? It's a Hallelujah Chorus but couldn't find anything on Shazam. Cheers

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    Started by Joongy

  • rowers's portrait in studio

    Hi my idea for the next digital subscrission is see one single rower guy in studio for a naked portrait photoshooting/filming, in this case Anguss...

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    Started by Pammy

  • Full Monty for Charity

    I wonder whether the guys would be interested in doing some kind of Full Monty show in the UK to benefit one of the variety of charities that get...

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    Started by Montana

  • All the rowers past and present

    If it's alright, I'd like to put together a list of all the participants past and present. As you reply with more information, I will re-edit this...

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    Started by bejjinks

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