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  • Banned Countries

    I understand why your print content doesn't get into Russia, but why Brazil?

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    Started by John RW

  • Extended discount period technical error

    The price of Luxury Hamper still hasn't been changed yet.

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    Started by GodneySpears

  • Awareness

    I have said before that I believe that the calendar and films are very effective at getting across your message. It is an important message, and one...

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    Started by Lefkippus

  • List of Rowers

    Hi, In the past you have obviously produced some great content and despite your collection of hot rowers we will all have our favourites (Jack H +...

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    Started by NottsWill

  • Who were your favorites?

    Just talk about some of your favorite rowers. My favorite was Chris K. I don't know if that's his real name and I don't know why I like him so much...

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    Started by bejjinks

  • Australian visit

    As one of your many fans from 'down under' I'm very curious about how your Australian visit last (southern) summer went. I saw the post on the site...

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    Started by Jarod

  • Can't download october video

    I don,t know if i'm only one with that problem but when I try to download the october video I get an error message

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    Started by kiaal

  • Alumni content or event

    The content the first few years was more conservative. Are there any additional film cuts or images from the earlier years i.e. 2012-2014 that would...

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    Started by Cameron

  • AMEX incorrectly listed as payment option

    It is rather unpleasant to go through the motions of making a purchase and using the American Express card option only to be told at the end that...

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    Started by PWCMD

  • Warwick Rowers / Sport Allies

    I've been a supporter since 2013 and appreciate all the work that the group has done to promote inclusivity, embrace diversity and encourage...

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    Started by Canadabeach

  • WR Calendars impact on a rowers personal life

    Just a thought of concern here. I started supporting your cause(s) when it still was a fun local initiative for fund raising. I get the impression...

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    Started by Johannes Swagers

  • account ploblem

    I've made a purchase, but I can not access my account to confirm the order. There is no more link on the site to access the account. Emerson.

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    Started by emerson

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