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I know you can't please everyone, but while I appreciate the extra film footage and locations, I feel the project has moved too far way from actual rowing. WR19, other than Sydney, seems to be more about 'glamorous' locations than rowing.
I much preferred the older films, particularly WR17, where you saw so many new rowers in their natural habitat so to speak.  This year there seems fewer new rowers and more emphasis on locations. Is it still about rowing or has it become a travelogue? 
I love seeing the rowers row naked and be interviewed naked. I love the rowing boatsheds etc.
Hoping in the future we move back to the original concept. And to end on a positive, I love your stand against 'deforestation'!
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Don't agree. Although rowing should be at the center, these are three dimensional people not one dimensional rowers. That is, there is more to the guys than just rowing. Rowing should be at the center but I appreciate "locations" allowing the rowers to be more than just rowers.
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I agree with bejjinks. I loved the Australian section and the underwater stuff in Italy. I hope we see more of that. Alex and Sebastian are sure to become firm favourites. One thing that really got my attention is that Sebastian appears to be circumcised, while Alex is not. Given the debate that has raged for years on the benefits/adverse effects of circumcision, and as a circumcised man, if Sebastian is indeed circumcised, I am interested in how that came to be.
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sorry for the question but december videos are a mix of we can see in the other 2019's films or we see this scene only in this month?
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I also agree with bejjinks. I do like seeing the rowers in everyday antics, such as rowing and making breakfast while nude, but I also enjoy watching them have fun in new locales and hanging out in those places. 
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I’m going to vote with Benjie. Of course there’s more dimensions to these guys than rowing.. duh.....🙄. But being rowers are what has made this project a fairly well known project. This is not a travelogue..... it seems that the next year has to outdo the year before as far as trips. Where is this going to stop? It’s gone rather over the top in my opinion. As much attention seems to be about the beautiful locations. Also ordering merchandise ,  as noticed by us all,  has become confusing and complicated. Sometimes less is better and a hell of a lot simpler! It’s like things have gotten too big too fast. This seems to be evident by the many questions , worries , and complaints we’ve been reading the last couple months and weeks! Lastly and I don’t  know the answer to this but I’m sure someone will. I don’t know who pays for transportation to fly the boys , equipment, make up folks , renting all the gorgeous villas etc .... but I would rather my money go to support a simple calendar  or maybe one video for a cause rather than paying for plane tickets. Gorgeous locations ? Absolutely .   Necessary ? No
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i love see many differents place around the World, the warkshire is so green, other place have differents coulour.
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Sorry to find I am not alone, feeling disappointed with the WR 19 Film Preview:  I agree with Benjie74 and Pvogt.

The picture quality and production was awesome.  Lucas looked amazing with his new chest hair but it went downhill from there once you considered the content..

Robbie Manson? - New Zealand Rower looked so uncomfortable being completely naked and his hand covering his genital reminded so much sportsmen calender in the past 5 years. Was the venture to OZ worth it?  I don't think so, I recommend fast forward for this section or other inhibited sportsmen's calenders.

On the other hand, the twins, Alex and Sebastian's contributions was a redeeming interlude.  They looked good and sounded enthusiastic / interesting - would like to see more of both of them.  Furthermore, Jarond does raises an interesting point: why is one circumcised and the other not.  It would be great to hear what they have to say.  I am currious about the whole subject of circumcision - Male Genital Mutilation is still treated as a taboo subject.

In summary, the WR 19 Film Preview relies on pretty locations, appears bitty with little regard to rower's stories themselves.  May be the WR 17 Film's do represent the peak of the production.  Sometimes it is better to keep to a format that used to work: local / simple location simple - plenty in UK / Europe. 

Go backwards to keep the Warwick Rowers going forward.
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Dynax28K wrote:
Male Genital Mutilation is still treated as a taboo subject.

Oh, please. I don't know a single circumcised man who feels that he has been mutilated. A circumcised penis is neither damaged nor disfigured. No uncircumcised men have looked at my penis and recoiled. There are legitimate medical reasons for circumcision, aside from religious beliefs for which I have the utmost respect. Those who know they don't have a strong argument for their opinion resort to using inflammatory language rather than a logical, reasoned, evidence-based argument. I am neither pro nor anti circumcision. Whether or not a man has a foreskin is irrelevant to me.
Regarding Robbie, I don't need to be able to see a man's penis in order to be able to appreciate his physical beauty. Don't forget that there is plenty more WR19 product to come: hundreds of images and 12 films. I haven't seen the book yet. Maybe Robbie has some full frontal images in it. It will hopefully be delivered tomorrow. This film was a preview so maybe something was held back. Even if there is no full-frontal images of Robbie, I don't care. I am grateful that he took part.
As for the visit to Australia, I understand that we Aussies have been great supporters of the Warwick Rowers and this visit was to show appreciation of that. I look forward to seeing the lads naked in surroundings familiar to me. The Australian landscape has a rugged beauty, much like the rowers, and I can't think of a better setting for the lads to be naked. I expect that there will be plenty of water and rowing-based action to satisfy those who can't handle a rower doing anything other than rowing. How can you say that there has been no regard for the rowers' stories when there is much more to these men than rowing.
It needs to be remembered that although the Warwick Rowers started out producing their calendars to raise funds for their rowing team, since they became involved with Sport Allies one of the major purposes of their efforts is to fight homophobia. It is not all about rowing any more. As a gay man I am sincerely grateful for the efforts of everyone involved and hope they continue to find new and interesting locations, and themes, for their calendar shoots.
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Also a bit disappointed. To see that you started to use censorship made so sad.
That you censored the bits of Robbie Manson made me belive that you definitly taken a big step backward.
Would be better to cut those parts out than doing a bad try to digitaly censor his private parts.

Please tell us if this is going to continue or if it was only in this preview?  If it continues this was the last time I bought anything here. :/
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What censoring? Yes, Robbie's penis was either covered by his hand or greenery or other objects but I do not recall seeing any pixellation. If Robbie chose not to do full frontal nudity that was his choice and he had every right to make it. You may think otherwise but you are not entitled to see whatever penis you want to see. Don't forget that there are hundreds of images and 12 films still to come so your demand may still be met.
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Surely the Forum is here to encourage feedback / debate.

A quick Google of male circumcision will see it is considered by many people / organisations that believe it is a form of Male Genital Mutilation.  Indeed there are some Nordic countries that are actively trying to ban the procedure.

I have no issue with circumcision for medical reasons.  The twins, Alex and Sebastian are testiment to the fact that you can look beautiful either way, may be it should come down to personal choice?  But as it is effectively a non-reversible procedure.  Perhaps for non-medical reasons, circumcision should be restricted to adults (18+ yrs) who can give free and informed consent.  Why not have the debate? 

Having travelled extensively worldwide including Australia and New Zealand and absolutely loved them, I also appreciate there are equally stunning locations in the UK: Welsh beaches, Isle of Sky, Lake District etc.. that would accentuate the naked natural beauty of the Warwick Rowers at a fraction of the travel costs / carbon footprint. 

The bottom line is, up to now, the Warwick Rowers have cleaverly used nudity to promote their sport / ideas.  And like most fans, I have bought into that and not an obsession to look at the expensive / exotic locations.

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I say we move the circumcision debate to another thread.
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Beijnks - I agree lol
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As a doctor I can say that male circumcision for non-medical reasons is clearly male genital mutilation. And this applies to religious reasons. We do not condone female genital mutilation for religious purposes, why should it be any different for men. We evolved with foreskins and they clearly have a function. I have met men who regret being circumcised and one who managed to stretch his foreskin remnant into a fairly normal looking foreskin, though he did not regain sensation.
Sport Allies, is exactly that, a charity to promote inclusion in SPORTS, not just rowing. I am happy to see the rowers promoting other sports and other activities as this underlines that we are not just promoting inclusion in rowing, but in all fields.
If one or more rower/s is not happy to be displayed with full frontal photography, I don't see that as a problem, as long as the technique for concealing genitalia is natural, ie. there is vegetation in the way, but if that person is walking around with his hand over his cock all the time, that looks unnatural and does imply that there is something wrong with allowing the genitalia to swing, and that it is acceptable in changing rooms etc to walk around with the hand in place all the time.  Clearly that undermines the message. The incredibly positive image that the rowers display of getting on with everything naturally, and having fun together normally despite the absence of clothes, is the whole point. It is powerful, and it is what makes the Warwick rowers so special.
I for one was very impressed with the WR19 film preview. 
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